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Edinburgh Noticeboard

Name:   Dan McColgan
Country:   United Kingdom
Date Posted:   26/3/2012 10:46:00
Comments:   I am trying to find out if my uncle George McColgan served on board HMS Edinburgh. My family tell me that he may have been on board and survived the sinking although he never talked of it. Any help would be appreciated.
Name:   Brenda Lloyd
Country:   United Kingdom
Date Posted:   17/2/2012 20:55:00
Comments:   My father,PO Joseph Henry Rees; PTI, Served on HMS Edinburgh 16.10 41 to 2 May 1942 He attended several Edinburgh Reunions. He died November 1983. My mother, Mabel Gertrude Rees, is now 90 and has told us allthat she remembers of that time,which is not very much as it was a secretive time and my father did not talk about his wartime experiences. They were married in Pembrey, Dad's home village in Carmarthenshire on 24th January 1942. She was pregnant with me when she heard that he was lost at sea and feared dead.I was born in South Queensferry on 17th October 1942. After his time in a Russian survivors' camp he was very ill when he returned. Although I had some idea of the conditions on the Arctic Convoys from reading, it was only when I watched the recent documentary on the Yesterday Channel that I was better able to understand the bravery involved. We three children have always been proud of our Dad. He was dearly loved and sorely missed. Thank you for your efforts in compiling this web site. It is a wonderful memorial. Brenda
Name:   Simon Morgan
Country:   United Kingdom
Date Posted:   30/1/2012 09:50:00
Comments:   My late uncle, Cdr Arthur Bailey OBE RN survived the sinking of Edinburgh and spent some months in Murmansk awaiting repatriation. Some of the items he collected in Russia were recently on display at the Imperial War Museum North, and I was honoured to be Bandmaster of the RM Band aboard HMS London during ceremonies in Murmansk and Archangel in 1991 for the 50th anniversary of Operation Dervish. I met and talked to many Arctic Convolys Veterans there. Time for a campaign medal, surely?
Name:   Anthony Mizen
Country:   United Kingdom
Date Posted:   6/4/2012 22:11:58
Comments:   My father, Leonard A H Mizen (Len - now deceased), was onboard HMS Edinburgh at the time of the sinking. He was a RM Bandsman (RMB X645) but the precise date of joining the ship & jis rank at the time, I do not yet know. After the sinking I know he stayed in Murmansk (Polyarno) for 6/7 months before repatriation. I have a photo of him & other 'bandies' with some Russian hosts taken in Murmansk. I also have his HMS Edinburgh 'crossing the line' certificate from 24 Aug 1941, which I could photograph if you would like a copy.
Name:   Joseph Doherty
Country:   United Kingdom
Date Posted:   9/1/2012 22:37:00
Comments:   my uncle james doherty was a telegraphist on hms edinburagh when she sank in 142 but survived and served out the rest of his time in the navy untill the end of the war after the war he went to live in austraila and served in the austrailian navy and finished his career as a chief petty officer . his ashes were cast into the sea by the austrailian navy after he died as a very fitting mark of respect . id love to know more about him if anyone can tell me more please get in touch
Name:   Joe Bamford
Country:   United Kingdom
Date Posted:   13/5/2008 09:44:05
Comments:   I have recently come across some pages of a log covering the period 23-24 July 1941, which reports the actions of the 11th Battalion Lancs Fusiliers on board H.M.S. Edinburgh. I understand that the Battalion was on its way to Malta. In a seperate document there is mention of some trouble and somone on board being 'locked up'. Do you have any idea what that was about? Also would it be possible to obtain a photo (hard copy) of H.M.S Edinburgh? Regards Joe Bamford.
Name:   Tom Caskey
Country:   United Kingdom
Date Posted:   29/6/2008 15:01:21
Comments:   During WW2 when the HMS Edinburgh was in the Middle dock in South Shields my father invited one of the Engine Room Artificers to our home. We stayed friends until he was lost at sea when the ship was torpedoed. I have tried various searches to find his details but without success. I am sure that his name was Bill Phelan from Manchester, I am not sure if my spelling is correct but he was one of the few who lost their lives when the torpedo his the engine room. I would be pleased to fine anyone who knew him. Tom Caskey
Name:   Megan Williams
Country:   United Kingdom
Date Posted:   8/6/2008 21:24:11
Comments:   hi my name is megan and im tring to find my grampa.his name is william thomas williams and he died in 1942 and i miss him so very much and the only things i got is his medals and it bring's back all fun memores that me and.him iosto have together please help me and my father find him grampa i love you and me and daddy miss you so so very much hugs and kisses love megan and clive williams (help us)
Name:   Brian Hiller
Country:   United Kingdom
Date Posted:   20/2/2008 15:25:24
Comments:   My Father, Leonard Hiller, I believe, was the Cousin of Able Seaman Benjamin Arthur Hiller's Father, also Leonard Hiller. I would very much appreciate any confirmation of these facts.I really would like to hear from your Guestbook informer Jackie Welsh. Thanking you in anticipation, Sincerely, Brian Hiller
Name:   Robert William Crowe
Country:   United Kingdom
Date Posted:   21/2/2008 11:00:48
Comments:   My father William Henry Crowe was at the time the youngest aboard as he was in the NAAFI. Mentioned in dispatches for going down below keeping the pumps clear until he was taken off. He later transfered to HMS Glasgow on return to the UK from Russia. Dad died in South Africa in 1991 Master of his Masonic lodge and a past PGP of the RAOB.
Name:   Mike Jones
Country:   United Kingdom
Date Posted:   29/6/2008 14:33:19
Comments:   For notice board a uncle who my wife never met he died before she was born Name: HOOKINGS, THOMAS EDWARD Initials: T E Nationality: United Kingdom For notice board Rank: Leading Stoker Regiment/Service: Royal Navy Unit Text: H.M.S. Edinburgh Age: 40 Date of Death: 02/05/1942 Service No: D/K 65032 Additional information: Son of Thomas Edward and Eva Hookings; husband of Nancy Hookings, of Devonport. Casualty Type: Commonwealth War Dead Grave/Memorial Reference: Panel 69, Column 2. Memorial: PLYMOUTH NAVAL MEMORIAL
Name:   Ross Winser
Country:   United Kingdom
Date Posted:   26/3/2008 23:26:18
Comments:   hello i would love to hear from anyone who served alongside richard skerten on the edinburgh i think he was a lt. sadly he passed away 6 years ago but i would like to know some more about my grandfather when he was at sea thank you
Name:   Steven Hamill
Country:   Untied Kingdom
Date Posted:   29/6/2008 14:29:02
Comments:   My Uncle, Arthur Hamill served on the ship and was one of the survivors taken to russia(?). He emigrated to Oz in 1965. His daughter has written to ask for any info. If anyone has any info we would be most grateful.
Name:   Susan Childs
Country:   United Kingdom
Date Posted:   28/6/2008 23:07:06
Comments:   My father was Ernest Harold Gill and is listed on the crew list with picture courtesy of my sister carolyn. He was on the ship when it sank and ended up in russia in Murmansk as well. Does anyone remember him? sadly he died in 1977. Sue Childs (nee Gill)
Name:   Liz Panton nee Ramsay
Country:   United Kingdom
Date Posted:   16/2/2008 13:11:46
Comments:   My Dad, James Finlay Ramsay, who was an ASDICS operator and who was one of the survivors when HMS Edinburgh was sunk, very sadly died in the Royal Victoria Hospital, in Edinburgh, on Valentines' Day, 14th February 2008, aged 89. His funeral is on Thursday, 21st February at Seafield Crematorium in Edinburgh, at 11am. His broken hearted family would be honoured if any ex/present navy servicemen would like to attend the funeral of this very brave and much loved man. From his loving daughters Liz and Eileen and all his many Grandchildren and even more Great Grandchildren. Thank you.
Name:   Paul Fairweather
Country:   United Kingdom
Date Posted:   1/6/2007 21:03:00
Comments:   My Grand Father Harry Blanks was on the Edinburgh and I remember the few stories he did share.I believe there was a close friend called Thomas(Taffy)Thomas whom I believe was with him.I believe there are photographs and memorabilia within the family and I will try my best to share them with you.
Name:   John Spence
Country:   United Kingdom
Date Posted:   25/10/2007 13:35:01
Comments:   My father John William Spence (called Jack) joined the Edinburgh on commissioning in 1939 when aged 18 and served on her until she sank in May 1942. He was one of those rescued by the Trinidad until she was sunk and then he was rescued by the destroyer Forsight.He left the service in 1948. He and my mother now live at Millbrook in Cornwall. We are contactable via the above e mail address.
Name:   George Shepheard
Country:   United Kingdom
Date Posted:   25/10/2007 13:25:48
Comments:   Ronald was my step-brother. He joined the Navy as a boy and as soon as he was permitted to go to sea in wartime at age 18 he was posted to HMS Edinburgh. He survived the sinking and spent some time in Russia before repatriation and compassionate leave. He never spoke of his experience and was posted to the war in the far east where he contracted TB and was invalided home where sadly he died in 1947. We only learned later of the ordeal he and his shipmates endured. If any remember him we would be grateful to hear please.
Country:   Canada
Date Posted:   26/8/2007 00:36:44
Name:   Jackie Welsh
Country:   Australia
Date Posted:   20/9/2007 04:06:00
Comments:   I was wondering if there any survivors from the Edinburgh still alive, who may remember or have any photos of my Uncle Arty. We believed he died during the first attack on the Edinburgh. His full name was Benjamin Arthur Hiller, known by his family as Arty. My father, Arty's younger brother (Sam Hiller) is still alive and would be grateful for any information. Dad also served from the start to the end of the war and served mainly on the Victorious. Keep up the good work, a remarkable site preserving history and a memorial to all who died on the HMS Edinburgh.
Name:   David Austin
Country:   United Kingdom
Date Posted:   4/11/2007 15:47:18
Comments:   I have just been viewing your site and was very interested to see some of the faces I recognised, but could not find any of my Father ( Robert Samuel Alexander Austin {Bunny}). I used to enjoy the weekends away with him when we attended the reunion dinners in various parts of the country, the lamps would sway and the liquid refreshment slide down the throat till the early hours of the morning.
Name:   Thomas Thwaite
Country:   United Kingdom
Date Posted:   6/7/2007 20:37:12
Comments:   My name is Thomas Thwaite i am looking for more history on Jack Thwaite can anyone help me please?
Name:   Tracey
Country:   South Africa
Date Posted:   4/5/2007 12:43:42
Comments:   I am looking for photos of my late Dad William Mark Smith, who was an officer on the ship around 1966. your help will be appreciated.
Name:   John Williams
Country:   United Kingdom
Date Posted:   7/1/2007 13:17:51
Comments:   Hi Does anyone have a copy of the tv programme made and I believe aired on ITV by Yorkshire TV on the salvage operation featuring Keith Jessop, Warton Williams etc? My Interest is as an amatear diver. Thanks. John Williams (admin note: please contact the website as we do not advertise users email addresses on the site for security reasons)
Name:   Adrian Leeding
Country:   United Kingdom
Date Posted:   9/11/2006 23:43:01
Comments:   I think my uncle my have been lost on the edinburgh. His name was Dough Leeding. If anyone remembers him please email me.
Name:   Stephen Poole
Country:   United Kingdom
Date Posted:   21/10/2006 12:17:57
Comments:   My late Grandfather served on the Edinburgh from mid 1941 until she was lost.Following his return to UK he joined HMS Unicorn and stayed with her until after VJ Day.His rank,number and name was Able Seaman JX255549 David Davies. Although originally from Shildon,County Durham,he lived most of his life in Hertfordshire and died in 1989.
Name:   Ian Bridges
Country:   United Kingdom
Date Posted:   21/8/2006 14:41:14
Comments:   My father (Fred Bridge) from Swindon in Wiltshire was I believe an ERA on the Edinburgh when she was sunk. Luckily for me he survived (and a further sinking on another ship later during the war) as I was born in 1947. While on a visit to London in 1990 I tried to get him to go on HMS Belfast, but he declined saying that as she was a similar ship it would bring back too many bad memories. He left an album of photographs taken while in the Navy and I will up-load them when I can get them scanned. He never really said a lot about the things he had been through, so it is so nice to see a web page which for me can fill in many of the blanks in the ships history. My father unfortunately died in 1991 from a lung tumour which is suspected to have been caused by asbestos particles, which he had either picked up from his time in the various ship engine rooms, or even possibly from his time when serving his engineering apprenticeship with the Great Western Railway. If there are any of his old ship mates out there who knew him then please get in touch. Ian Bridge
Name:   Christophe Devoud
Country:   France
Date Posted:   30/6/2006 18:57:39
Comments:   Hi, Excuse my french, and I am both French and British citizen. My dad was one of the 15 Free French on board HMS Edinburgh. During this time his name was Alan Joseph Stembridge (my grand mother name, she was from Liverpool, noboby is perfect), and he was the captain's secretary. Is there some of the veteran who remember him. He is still alive and retired in Brittany in Saint Malo, and he is 90 now. He met somes weeks ago one of the organizer of the 1980's research on the ship ! Regards Christophe
Name:   Huw Jones
Country:   United Kingdom
Date Posted:   10/5/2006 13:13:41
Comments:   Hi,
My dad, William John JONES, was a Royal Marine aboard HMS Edinburgh from Oct 1940 to May 1942. I think his nickname was Spike. He survived the war and died in 1973.
Name:   Rimma
Country:   United Kingdom
Date Posted:   15/3/2006 14:52:40
Comments:   Hi,
I am cataloguer from British Library. We just recieved new book published in Moscow: Mezhdunarodnye otnosheniia, 2005 about HMS. Edinburgh.
Authors are Oleg Krymtsev and Anatolii Zlobin.
Name:   Robert Harrison
Country:   United Kingdom
Date Posted:   12/2/2006 20:09:36
Comments:   Hi my Grandad, Gwylem Davey was the gunner on the 2nd gun back. He still talks fondley of the ship. Did anyone know him?
Name:   John Smerdon
Country:   United Kingdom
Date Posted:   11/2/2006 18:40:53
Comments:   My dad , George Smerdon from Torquay, served in the torpedo division. .
If anyone remembers my dad please email me. Sadly he died in July 2003.
Name:   Mike Egan
Country:   United Kingdom
Date Posted:   2/2/2006 11:10:53
Comments:   My Dad Frankie Egan (died 1982)PO served onboard and survived to spend time in Murmansk. He apparantly grabbed a change of underwear before abandoning, shared by other crew members to allow dobying.
Name:   Colin Gale
Country:   United Kingdom
Date Posted:   1/1/2006 15:33:45
Comments:   Very fitting tribute. My grandfather Charles Ernest Northey was a survivor of the sinking. He had a Mention in Despatches on 25 Nov 1941 for distinguished conduct but do not know why it was awarded.
Name:   Harry O'Grady
Country:   Isle Of Man
Date Posted:   9/10/2005 09:13:52
Comments:   I am researching my Uncle's Navy career. Terrence (Terry) Hartley O'Grady served on the Edinburgh and survived the sinking. I think he was a torpedo engineer, any information would be welcomed
Name:   Peter Gunney
Country:   United Kingdom
Date Posted:   15/9/2005 16:09:03
Comments:   My late father Reg Gunney was an ERA on Edinburgh from October 40-May 42. I have been researching Edinburgh's history and if anyone would like to correspond with me please do so.
Name:   Rob Hester
Country:   United States
Date Posted:   2/8/2005 19:13:04
Comments:   I saw the segment on HISTORY CHANNEL INTERNATIONAL on this ship. She must have been a rugged ship to have taken torpedos from a German U-boat. My heart goes out to the families of the crew.
Name:   Nick
Country:   Australia
Date Posted:   28/7/2005 06:59:48
Comments:   Great site!! My Father Charles (Charlie) Cubitt served on the Edinburgh and survived the sinking and was always proud of her and his shipmates! If anyone knows of him please feel free to email me.
Name:   Alan Greatbatch
Country:   England
Date Posted:   20/4/2005 11:57:09
Comments:   My father Robert(Bob)Greatbatch joined the Royal Marines in 1937 and served as rangefinder on the Edinburgh early in the war,but was not on board when she sank.I have some of his old photos.
Name:   Trevor Hancock
Country:   United Kingdom
Date Posted:   2/4/2005 15:07:33
Comments:   A most interesting site which I found this afternoon. A local man, Jack Thwaite (who died recently) was a boy signalman aboad the Edinburgh when it sank.
Name:   Michael de Young
Country:   New Zealand
Date Posted:   21/3/2005 05:39:25
Comments:   Very nicely organised site - does anyone know anything about my great uncle Bert de Jong (possibly de Young)? He was fifteen but was at sea when war was declared so was 'in for the duration'.
Name:   JMP
Country:   United Kingdom
Date Posted:   23/2/2005 23:36:59
Comments:   Really interesting site. I had heard a lot about the Edinburgh from my Mum, daughter of AB Robert Mckenzie. Mum recalls meeting Capt Faulkner when the ship came into the Tyne.
Name:   David Redman
Country:   United Kingdom
Date Posted:   18/2/2005 23:49:46
Comments:   A wonderful site for those wishing to know more about Edinburgh. My father Edward Redman served as LSA on the ship from 11th October 1939 until 2nd May 1942.
Name:   Mark Rummings
Country:   United Kingdom
Date Posted:   2/2/2005 09:25:33
Comments:   Truly a great site. Found while researching HMS Edinburgh that my Grandfather WJC Miles served on.
Name:   Fay Wells
Country:   United Kingdom
Date Posted:   31/1/2005 13:17:52
Comments:   excellent site. my father served on ship nickname monty Wells anyone remembers him would love to hear from you
Country:   United Kingdom
Date Posted:   28/1/2005 19:24:52
Comments:   My Great-Uncle was on HMS Edinburgh. He was Samuel Douglas Edwards fom South Wales. He returned to the Rhondda but suffered poor health, and died reletively young.Does anyone remember him?
Name:   David
Country:   Germany
Date Posted:   11/11/2004 14:51:24
Comments:   This site is truly a great resource thanks for all your hard work.
Name:   E. McComish
Country:   United States
Date Posted:   16/10/2004 14:17:42
Comments:   My father Reg McComish was on the EDINBURGH from commision to sinking. He was a survivor but was lost a month later after volunteering to help bring the TRINIDAD home to the UK. Great site.
Name:   R Knight
Country:   United Kingdom
Date Posted:   15/10/2004 09:43:04
Comments:   Good informative site. My grandfather Richard Knight, gunner, served on the Edinburgh and survived the sinking. It's nice to see the exploits remembered.
Name:   Rachel Caswell
Country:   United Kingdom
Date Posted:   3/10/2004 21:51:44
Comments:   My grandfather Leslie Copsey was a survivor of the HMS Edinburgh. Sadly he died on 21/09/04 before seeing this site. If anyone remembers him please get in touch. Great site!!!
Name:   Nicole
Country:   Germany
Date Posted:   30/9/2004 14:56:56
Comments:   This site is truly a great resource thanks for all your hard work.
Please come by and take a look at my site.
Name:   Paul McGilly
Country:   United Kingdom
Date Posted:   8/9/2004 12:15:03
Comments:   My uncle Tom McGilly was a crew member who survived and continued to serve he is still alive and lives in Glasgow
Name:   Peter Hegarty
Country:   Australia
Date Posted:   22/8/2004 09:12:57
Comments:   Signing on behalf of my late father-in-law John McLellan stoker on the "Edinburgh" for at least one Arctic run to Murmansk.
Name:   William "Robbie" Burns
Country:   United Kingdom
Date Posted:   16/7/2004 11:03:26
Comments:   What a great site. Truly a fitting memorial for a great lady and those brave lads who worked the Arctic Convoys in "The Fortress of the Seas"
Bravo Zulu
Robbie Burns HMS Edinburgh 1987-1990
Name:   Charmeline
Country:   United States
Date Posted:   17/6/2004 19:24:51
Comments:   I happened upon this site while following the links from another site. Your site is wonderful and i bookmarked it.
Name:   Lavendela & Emanuel
Country:   Germany
Date Posted:   8/6/2004 11:28:52
Comments:   really enjoyed the website. I should say "we". My husband and I spend hours surfing the net. It's hard to find quality websites such as yours. Thank You for all the hard work.I
Name:   Josie Ellison
Country:   United Kingdom
Date Posted:   1/6/2004 17:44:02
Comments:   Im 17 and Im researching my grandad's part on the HMS Edinburgh.
Please contact me if anyone remembers him-Robert Louis Ellison. He survived the sinking of the ship, but sadly died in 1958.
Name:   Mark Richardson
Country:   United Kingdom
Date Posted:   3/5/2004 17:06:49
Comments:   Does anybody remember my Granddad? He was Petty Officer Henry Smith from Widnes in Cheshire. Small chappie about 5' Great site keep up the good work.
Name:   Joe Dawson
Country:   United Kingdom
Date Posted:   1/5/2004 13:37:00
Comments:   What a great site. My grandfather served on HMS Edinburgh and was aboard when she was sunk. We had an ensign from her in the family for years until my father presented it to the RN.
Name:   Pamela Cartlidge
Country:   United Kingdom
Date Posted:   16/3/2004 20:10:31
Comments:   I'm doing research about my Father as I know very little. My Mother believes he was on the Edinburgh Cstle. He had survivors leave 3 times during the war. His name was Frederick Cartlidge.
Name:   Peter J Myers
Country:   United Kingdom
Date Posted:   16/3/2004 12:00:14
Comments:   I am delighted to have come across this site, dedicated to a brave lady and her brave crew. May her, and their, memory long remain in our hearts and minds!
Name:   Lesley Clark
Country:   United Kingdom
Date Posted:   20/1/2004 00:06:07
Comments:   My grandfather served on HMS Edinburgh Castle from October 1941 and then joined HMS Philocetes from March 1942 is Edinburgh Castle the same ship as HMS Edinburgh
Name:   Carolyn Powell
Country:   United Kingdom
Date Posted:   16/12/2003 19:42:42
Comments:   I think my late father Ernest Harold Gill (communications) served on HMS Edinburgh and was a crew member when she went down if anyone remembers him I would love to hear from you.
Name:   Matthew Meredith
Country:   United Kingdom
Date Posted:   10/12/2003 12:25:08
Comments:   My late grandfather was D.C. Lillie who served as surgeon aboard the Edinburgh. I am delighted that this site has been made to honour this great ship and her crew. Keep up the good work!!
Name:   Karen Preedy
Country:   United Kingdom
Date Posted:   9/11/2003 16:13:09
Comments:   A lovely website, my late father donald preedy served on the ship when she went down,I think he was the youngest sailor on board her when she sunk.He often went to the reunions in plymouth
Country:   Portugal
Date Posted:   27/10/2003 02:54:43
Name:   Jerry Trenchard
Country:   United Kingdom
Date Posted:   22/10/2003 22:22:41
Comments:   Very much liked the site. My father was on the Edinburgh, as a Marine, He lost his false teeth when the ship went down, because he was in the bath at the time !
Name:   Anthony John Rossi
Country:   United Kingdom
Date Posted:   29/9/2003 20:57:27
Comments:   I have just been thru this site with my father in law (J.A.Rossi) who lost his uncle(Joe Bleakley)in the attack.If you can give me any info to pass on he would be extremely grateful.Great site.
Name:   Chris Pollok
Country:   United Kingdom
Date Posted:   19/9/2003 20:34:26
Comments:   great web site, my stepdad survied Pete Spearing(he was on either the guns or torpedos) he doesnt like the memories it left him with when she went down, but he made some good friends at the time.
Name:   Commander Paul Fisher Royal Na
Country:   United Kingdom
Date Posted:   25/8/2003 17:16:15
Comments:   Excellent web site - I commanded the current HMS EDINBURGH 1994-1996 and was always impressed with the families and descendants of the 2nd World War Ship
My best wishes to you all
Name:   Robert Powell
Country:   England
Date Posted:   26/6/2003 09:36:56
Comments:   my uncle Robert Bogle was a survivor and The site I think is a historical momento to all relatives who had friends and relations aboard and is a lasting tribute to their memories.
Name:   Alexandre Santurian
Country:   Brazil
Date Posted:   19/4/2003 22:46:42
Comments:   This is an excellent site about HMS Edinburgh. I am a Brazilian Royal Navy's enthusiast since my childhood (now I am 46 years old) and have many books about RN since 1860.
Name:   Andy Sprangle
Country:   United Kingdom
Date Posted:   20/3/2003 14:08:12
Comments:   i just wanted to say good luck and a special good luck to Kevin Sprangle from Andy on behalf of everyone at home, we're all thinking of you and all you brave people out there.
Name:   Jackie Welsh
Country:   Australia
Date Posted:   23/1/2003 02:30:27
Comments:   Congratulations on this wonderful site.My uncle died when the Edinburgh was sunk and this web site is a great memorial to all who served and died on her. Thank you
Name:   Rob Haywood
Country:   United Kingdom
Date Posted:   20/1/2003 22:07:25
Comments:   Congrats !! Wonderful site. Tasteful design and layout .. one of the best I've seen. Yes, your grandfather would have been very proud. Good Luck with it. You'll do very well.
Name:   Mike Orton
Country:   United Kingdom
Date Posted:   20/1/2003 21:18:44
Comments:   Nice site, more information about the Fred Cowin and his descendants can be found at www.mikeorton.co.uk.
Name:   fay hamling
Country:   United Kingdom
Date Posted:   20/1/2003 18:53:27
Comments:   well done great web site. my dad who served on hms edingburgh thinks it great. he enjoyed looking at the site and will keep looking,
Name:   Linda Hansen
Country:   Switzerland
Date Posted:   20/1/2003 16:17:14
Comments:   Congratulations, David, on a very interesting and well designed website. I hope you make contact with more family's of the crew.
Good luck.
Name:   Forces Reunited
Country:   United Kingdom
Date Posted:   17/1/2003 23:51:48
Comments:   Hi,
Just a quick note to wish you good luck with the site. We shall keep an eye out for any information on our site that may be of use to you.
Greg Moseley
Name:   Mrs Monica Boardman
Country:   United Kingdom
Date Posted:   17/1/2003 21:34:19
Comments:   Well done your Grandad would be proud of you making such a good site.
My late husband JACK BOARDMAN was a crew member of HMS Edinburgh
Name:   Andy Bogle
Country:   United States
Date Posted:   16/1/2003 23:34:44
Comments:   What a lovely job you've done! I will visit this site often and hope that others will contribute to memory of this remarkable ship.
Name:   HMS Edinburgh Webmaster
Country:   United Kingdom
Date Posted:   16/1/2003 00:43:58
Comments:   If there are any problems with links or incorrect information on this site please contact me and I will do my best to rectify them as soon as possible